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About Us

Good morning, This is Nitesh from SpokenClass.com website. I belong to Vaishali, India.

I started SpokenClass.com because there is very high demand of English in India. If you want to get a good IT job, want to prepare for Government job and some respect in your family then you have to speak English(in India).

When you talk in English in India everyone assume you are an intelligent person and everyone try to give you some extra respect.

Since, I did schooling from a Hindi medium school, learned English through books, joined coaching institutes to learn english; therefore, I wanted to teach this language to all the needy, especially the ones belonging to Hindi medium schools.

And that’s why I started SpokenClass.com – an online hub to learn, improve and speak English as fast as possible. Along with fun quizzes, exercises, homework and lots of examples.

We have only MISSION: I want YOU to speak English.

And if you have any question/suggestion feel free to contact us at:

You can also shoot a message at instagram: @spokenclass

In case you are wandering how to get started with English start with Basics.

I am always with you, Best of luck.

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