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Most Common Prepositions

25 Most Common Prepositions with examples

A preposition is a word that shows the relationship between a noun or pronoun and other words in a sentence.

Examples: at, in, on, above, with, of, at, for, etc.

In this blog post, we will look at the 25 most common prepositions with examples.

What are the 25 most common prepositions?

The 25 most common prepositions are-

Sr No.Prepositions

25 Most Common Prepositions with examples

1. At
We are meeting at 5 pm.
She always wakes up at 6 am.
I’ll meet you at the coffee shop.
The party is at my house.
He learned how to drive at 16.
She graduated from college at 22.

2. In
The cat is in the box.
We’ll finish the project in a week.
The keys are in my purse.
The cake is in the oven.
He’s in a hurry to finish his work.
We’re in a meeting.

3. On
The book is on the table.
The cup is on the counter.
I have a meeting on Monday.
We are working on the project.
She likes to go out on Fridays.
We will meet on time.

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4. For
He waited for two hours.
He exchanged his car for a newer model.
He is fighting for the rights of the workers.
She did it for the sake of her family.
He bought flowers for his girlfriend.
She voted for the new policy.

5. To
I am going to the park to play soccer.
She gave a gift to her friend for their birthday.
We are going to the station.
He is going to school.
Smith has not come to the office.

6. By
The book was written by Marcus Aurelius.
I need to finish this report by 5 pm.
The train should arrive by noon.
He traveled to the city by train.
She went to the party by herself.
The car can travel up to 70 miles by hour.

7. From
He is from New York City.
The store is open from 9 am to 5 pm.
She is taking a break from work.
The company is suffering from a financial crisis.
I bought this shirt from a local store.
We will be on vacation from Monday to Friday.

8. About
There are about 20 people in the room.
The project will take about a week to complete.
The plane is about to land.
He’s about to start his own business.
I’m not sure about the answer.
Do you know about the event?

9. Between
The city is located between two rivers.
He had to choose between his job and his family.
The meeting is scheduled between 2 and 4 pm.
The movie will be released between July and August.
She couldn’t decide between the red and blue dresses.
The argument was between two friends.

10. Since
He has been studying Spanish since high school.
They have been married since 2010.
She has been working at the company since last year.
I have been living in this city since I was a child.
The restaurant has been open since 10am.

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11. With
She is playing with her dog in the backyard.
They are watching a movie with their friends.
I am going to the party with my sister.
He painted the picture with a paintbrush.
I like to listen to music with my headphones.

12. Before
I like to stretch before exercising.
He returned before 1999.
She likes to drink her coffee before starting work.
They arrived at the airport before the flight departure time
I always double-check my work before submitting it.

13. Of
The color of the sky is blue.
I have read the plays of Shakespeare.
The taste of the pizza is delicious.
The weight of the box is heavy.
The length of the book is 300 pages.

14. Off
I took a day off from work to rest.
Switch off the fan.
I wiped the table off with a cloth.
The plane took off from the runway.
I broke off a piece of chocolate and ate it.

15. Into
He put his clothes into the washing machine.
I poured the milk into a glass.
She dropped her phone into the water by accident.
They drove their car into the garage.
The thieves broke into his house.

16. Above
The sun is shining above the clouds.
His income is above 100K a month.
The airplane flew above the city.
The helicopter hovered above the building.
The moon was visible above the trees.

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17. Over
The plane flew over the mountains.
They placed a tablecloth over the table before dinner.
The cat jumped over the fence to chase a bird.
They walked over the bridge to get to the other side of the river.

18. Under
The cat is hiding under the table.
She found her lost earring under the bed.
She placed a pillow under the baby’s head.
He kept his notes under his pillow to study for the test.
They found a treasure buried under the sand.
The mouse ran under the table to avoid the cat.

19. During
She listened to music during her workout.
He took a nap during his lunch break.
They stayed inside during the storm.
I read a book during my flight.
The students were quiet during the lecture.

20. Within
The package will be delivered within two days.
She completed the task within the allotted time.
They finished the meal within an hour.
I found the answer within the textbook.
The store is located within the mall.

21. Along
She walked along the beach at sunset.
He drove along the highway to get to work.
They hiked along the trail to see the waterfall.
The river flows along the edge of the forest.
I walked along the street to get to the store.

22. Without
He went to the store without his wallet.
She completed the task without any help.
The car drove without any issues.
They won the game without any penalties.
The plants grew without any fertilizer.

23. Among
The story is popular among the children in the school.
They divided the workload among the team members.
The idea stands out among the other proposals.
They shared the pizza among the group of friends.
I felt lost among the crowd of people.

24. Below
The fish are swimming below the surface of the water.
She found her keys below the couch cushions.
The subway train runs below the streets of the city.
They noticed a ship sailing below the bridge.
I placed the book below the lamp on the table.

25. Against
She leaned against the wall to rest.
He played against his rival in the cricket match.
They protested against the new law.
They competed against each other in the game.
We should not go against law.

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