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Present continuous tense examples in English

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Present continuous tense talks about something happening now.
You are reading this.
You are listening.
Your are watching this.

Present continuous tense – Affirmative sentences examples

I am working.
She is dancing.
He is flying a kite.
My mom is cooking food.
She is learning Japanese.
It is getting colder day by day.
He is enjoying.
I am doing my work.
He is doing his homework.
The gardener is watering the plants.
They are watching tv.
It is raining heavily.
We are waiting.
I am writing a book.
Kaushal is lying.
We are playing football.
The baby is sleeping.
The police is investing the matter.
He is reading a book.
She is coming here.
They are talking loudly.
I am walking.
Kundan is telling a lie.
The child is crying for milk.
My father is watching the news.
We are going to Goa next week.
She is laughing loudly.

Present continuous tense – Negative sentences examples

I am not feeling well today.
They are not quarreling among themselves.
It is not raining.
She isn’t doing her homework.
I am not going there tomorrow.
He is not telling the truth.
My mother is not scolding me.
My pen is not working smoothly.
I am not writing a story,
He is not working.
Kusum is not lying.
My dad is not reading the newspaper.
I am not giving this.
We are not working on new project.
She is not coming with us.
They are not telling this.
I am not buying a new car.
The bus is not going on the old route.
They are not staring at you.
I am not going to buy this.
They are not helping her.
She isn’t reading a book.
I am not going to the office.
The computer is not working well.
She is not feeling good.
We aren’t talking to him.
He isn’t learning English.

Present continuous tense – Interrogative sentences examples

Is she studying?
Is this bus going to Lal Kila?
Is he doing anything?
Are you coming?
Is he selling his car next week?
Are children sleeping?
Is she learning English?
Are you helping him?
Is it raining?
Are you working?
Is she walking in the field?
Am I telling a lie?
Are the children talking loudly?
Is he eating a cake?
Are the dogs barking at the stranger?
Is she cooking the food?
Are they helping you?
Is your teacher teaching you?
Are you going for a walk today?
Is he learning Japanese?
Are you doing something?
Is the children crying for milk?
Is the teacher writing on the blackboard?
Are you accepting your mistake?
Is he coming tomorrow?

Present continuous tense | wh-question sentences examples

When are you coming to us?
Why are you sitting here?
Why are you crying?
Where is she working?
What are you doing these days?
Why are you carrying a basket?
Where are you staying?
Who is knocking at the door?
What are you teaching him?
Why is she hurting me?
Which book are you reading?
How are you feeling now?
Why are they clapping?
What are you looking for?
Why is he going there tomorrow?
What is she doing there?
Why are you teasing her?
What is he playing in the room?
How are you preparing for the examination?
Why are you waiting?
What is he eating?
What are you reading?
Why is he repairing the bicycle?
Why are they calling you?
Why are you running?

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