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Examples of Present Perfect Tense

Definition of present perfect tense:
Present perfect tense used to describe actions or events that occurred in the past but have some connection to the present.

The structure for the present perfect tense is:
Subject + has/have + past participle verb.

Examples of present perfect tense-

  1. I have finished my homework.
  2. He has traveled to many countries.
  3. We have seen that movie before.
  4. They have eaten lunch already.
  5. She has learned how to play the guitar.
  6. The cat has slept all day.
  7. He has read a lot of books.
  8. We have visited that museum before.
  9. They have been married for 10 years.
  10. She has painted a beautiful picture.
  11. He has lost his keys again.
  12. I have studied Spanish for two years.
  13. They have bought a new car.
  14. We have been friends since childhood.
  15. She has been working hard all day.
  16. He has won many awards for his writing.
  17. They have moved to a new city.
  18. I have taken many photographs.
  19. She has written a book.
  20. We have watched the sunset.
  21. He has cooked dinner for us.
  22. They have finished their project on time.
  23. She has visited her family in Australia.
  24. I have run a marathon.
  25. We have planted a garden in our backyard.
  26. He has fixed the leaky faucet.
  27. They have started a new business.
  28. She has completed her degree.
  29. We have ridden our bikes for miles.
  30. He has climbed that mountain before.
  31. They have adopted a rescue dog.
  32. I have played soccer since I was a child.
  33. She has made a lot of progress in her recovery.
  34. We have celebrated many holidays together.
  35. He has met many famous people.
  36. They have renovated their kitchen.
  37. She has volunteered at the animal shelter.
  38. We have watched the fireworks on the Fourth of July.
  39. He has sung in a choir for years.
  40. They have won the championship game.
  41. I have taught English as a second language.
  42. She has run her own business for five years.
  43. We have hiked in the mountains.
  44. He has saved enough money to buy a house.
  45. They have donated to charity regularly.
  46. She has participated in a marathon for a cause.
  47. We have hosted a big party.
  48. He has learned how to swim.
  49. They have painted their house a new color.
  50. She has taken up yoga as a hobby.
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