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Simple present tense examples in English

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Simple present tense or present indefinite tense is used to describe habits, routines, facts or general truths.

Simple present tense – Affirmative sentences examples

I work.
I go to office daily.
She dances.
Oil floats on water.
Children play in the field.
Cows eat grass.
Water boils at 100°C.
He goes to market.
He plays the guitar.
The earth moves round the sun.
Birds fly in the sky.
He leaves for UK next day.
Children like sweets.
The plane takes off at 10AM.
He owns a big house.
They solve problems.
We believe in God.
I think he is always right.
I know everything about you.
She knits a sweater.
Lara throws the ball.
I understand your problems.
She always helps me.
Children play in the field.

Simple present tense – Negative sentences examples

I don’t know.
He doesn’t do his homework.
They do not solve problems.
It doesn’t make any difference.
We do not tell a lie.
You don’t know how to deal with others.
He doesn’t speak English.
The child doesn’t cry at night.
Owl do not sleep at night.
I don’t own this.
It doesn’t matter to me.
You doesn’t deserve forgiveness.
Children do not like study.
They do not solve problems.
We don’t know him.
She doesn’t know the value of time.
They don’t believe in God.
I don’t hate you.
She doesn’t play the guitar.
I don’t understand this.
They don’t sell books.
We don’t trust him.
Ruhi doesn’t play football.
I don’t like him.
She doesn’t care.
We don’t swim.
They don’t know me.
Resham doesn’t go there.
He doesn’t go to office.
My mother doesn’t beat me.
She does not cook food.
We don’t quarrel.

Simple present tense – Interrogative sentences examples

Do you eat an ice-cream?
Do dogs bark at night?
Do children like sweets?
Does he go to school daily?
Do they speak a lie?
Does he know french?
Does she run everyday?
Do you study English?
Does Kundan stay in Mumbai?
Does she like you?
Do you write a letter?
Does he really care?
Do fish swim in water?
Do you help me?
Does she come to your house?
Do you recognise him?
Do you know?
Does he get up early in the morning?
Do you believe it?
Does she smoke?
Do you want to buy this?
Do you play any games?
Does it matter?
Do you like coffee?
Do they teach you?
Do you need anything?

Simple present tense – WH-Family sentences examples

Why do you speak nonsense?
What do you think?
How do you know his address?
Why does he stare at Reema?
What does it mean?
Why do you trouble yourself?
How much does it cost?
Why does she work hard?
How do you earn so much money?
Where do you work?
Why does she quarrel with me unnecessarily?
What do you want?
When do you want to see him?
What do you mean?
Why do you drink milk today?
What do you want to say?
How do you do?
When do you wake up?
What does he play besides cricket?
What do they want now?
What does your father do?
When do you revise your lesson?
Where do you live?
Where does this road lead to?
Why do people read the newspaper?
Why does he want to leave?

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